Mrs. Gnanaharan is an OCT certified secondary math teacher with degree in mathematics as well as 12 years of teaching experience.  read more


The SMART Academy provides true

one-on-one MATH tutoring service for elementary, secondary and post secondary students.


I initially hired Uma to tutor my daughter in grade 12 Functions after it became apparent that she wasn't getting the assistance she needed in the formal school system. Uma continued to tutor my daughter in Grade 12 Calculus the following semester. My only regret is that we didn't find Uma sooner. Not only did she improve my daughter's knowledge and understanding but she gave her back the confidence she had lost. My daughter really enjoyed working with Uma, as she moved at a pace that suited my daughter's learning style and work ethic. In addition to introducing units prior to classroom instruction, Uma provided alternate ways of problem solving . The special exam review sessions were essential in ensuring my daughter did well on her final exams.

Julia, Grade 12, MHF4U/MCV4U, Ajax

My experience under Mrs. Gnanaharan’s instruction has been a very positive one. Prior to meeting with Mrs. Gnanaharan, I found my class work overwhelming and frequently felt unprepared while writing tests. However, with weekly SMART Academy tutoring sessions, I was able to steadily build my confidence in mathematics. Due to Mrs. Gnanaharan’s thorough explanations, patience, and willingness to arrange sessions that fit into my schedule, I now enjoy math-based subjects more than ever before and have experienced a 20% increase in my grade. Thank you SMART Academy!

Hailey, MHF4U/MCV4U, Pickering

I was very happy with the help I received from Mrs. Uma Gnanaharan. She was a very patient and persistent tutor that understood the root and nature of the problems facing most students, which most teachers normally do not have the time to individually assess. Her lessons were always up to date, and complementary to the content being covered in class. She was also always very flexible with scheduling, and could be counted on when needed. Her friendly and understanding attitude, along with in-depth knowledge and professional experience made her a valuable asset in my education. I recommend others to also benefit from the opportunity of learning from her.

Areeb, MPM2D, MCR3U, MHF4U, MCV4U, Whitby

My daughter was getting 50’s in Grade 11 Functions.  After searching for help, I found Uma.  She quickly assessed the situation, and was able to provide the extra help and teaching needed.  She gave my daughter the confidence and skills to succeed in math.  Even though we did not start with Uma until midterm, my daughter ended the semester with 82 on the final exam.  I was impressed with her dedication to the success of her students.  We have started Grade 12 with Uma from week 1.

Donna, MCR3U,  MHF4U, MDM4U,  Ajax

Calculus and Math had always been a weakness of mine, and I was dreading having to take a required Calculus course in University. Luckily I found UMA at the SMART Academy, who was able to help me be successful in the course. She made the concepts easy to understand and broke down complex formulas into manageable and simplistic parts. The lessons were tailored to fit my learning style, ensuring I got the most out of every session. Unlike tutors I have had in the past, Uma goes beyond merely helping her students write assignments and scrape by in exams, she teaches in a way that enables her students go gain an in depth understanding of the material.  Without Uma's weekly lessons, I would not have been successful in the course, and I'm so thankful I found her!

Hillary I., UOIT Calculus I, Whitby

Mrs. Uma Gnanaharan was able to take complex equations and simplify the process for problem solving so I could understand and apply the problem solving on my own.  Appreciated her approach and ability to transfer the knowledge practically. 

Matthew F.
Grade 9, Whitby

My daughter struggled with Grade 12 math and needed alot of  support. Most tutoring services I spoke with preferred to do group sessions, or had other students there during my daughter's session. The SMART Academy, however, is the first tutoring company I've found that offers true one-on-one sessions. My daughter really enjoyed working with Uma, who took the extra step of creating a special review package to help prepare for her exam. The results were immediate. Within a week of starting with Uma, her test results went from 60s to 80s, and best of all, she achieved 83% on her final exam. She had a 65% overall in math before The Smart Academy, and ended the year with 73% - all with only 3 weeks' assistance from Uma. I highly recommend The Smart Academy...in fact, Uma's on speed dial to help with university math!

J Torrance, Grade 12, Advanced Functions, MHF4U, Whitby

My son was struggling in grade 11 Math (Functions) throughout the first two-thirds of the semester. Thankfully, I learned of the Smart Academy and quickly enlisted their help. The classroom lessons had left my son confused and his low test scores had stripped him of his confidence. I was very impressed at how Mrs. Uma Gnanaharan was able to open up the lessons in a way that he could understand. His test scores improved dramatically and immediately! I only wish that I had come to SMART Academy sooner. I'm certain that if I had my son would have finished the semester at the top of his class!

Incredibly Grateful Parent, Whitby, MCR3U, Grade 11

Individual attention given and she helped us understand complex problems in a very simplified manner.  She made it so much easier than in our class at school.  She is very knowledgable and works well with high school students. 

Aydan B., Grade 9, Whitby

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