Mrs. Gnanaharan is an OCT certified secondary math teacher with degree in mathematics as well as 12 years of teaching experience.  read more


The SMART Academy provides true

one-on-one MATH tutoring service for elementary, secondary and post secondary students.

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I offer TRUE one-on-one math tutoring as well as group tutoring (group of 2 & group of 3).

True One-on-one tutoring: 

Grade 3 to 8:  $50/hr

Grade 9 to12: $50/hr

University:  $55/hr

Group tutoring:

Group of two:  $30/hr per person

Group of three: $25/hr per person

Exam Review: 

One-on-one:  $50/hr for all the grades

Group of 2:  $35/hr per person

Group of 3:  $30/hr per person

NOTE: You have to bring your own group for the group tutoring.

​Please contact Mrs. Uma Gnanaharan at UmaGnanaharan@gmail.com or (905) 441 - 9212 for details.

I offer

  • one-on-one regular sessions
  • March Break MATH madness
  • VHS Exam proctor
  • Exam Review
  • Summer Success MATH programs