SMART Academy helps students to reach his or her full potential and develop the tools they need for ongoing success in their fields of study. 

SMART Academy focuses on building confidence, motivation and problem solving skills.  Mrs. Gnanaharan shares successful strategies with students so they can succeed on their own.  We don't just help with the homework; We make sure students understand the concepts really well. Unlike others, we pride ourselves for following the Ontario Secondary Math curriculum


"Calculus and math had always been a weakness of mine, and I was dreading having to take a required calculus course in university.  Luckily I found Uma at the SMART Academy, who was able to help me be successful in the course.  She made the concepts easy to understand and broke down complex formulas into manageable and simplistic parts.  The lessons were tailored to fit my learning style, ensuring I got the most out of every session.  Unlike tutors I have had in the past, Uma goes beyond merely helping her  students write assignments and scrape by in exams, she teaches in a way that enables her students go gain an in depth understanding of the material.  Without Uma's weekly lessons, I would not have been successful in the course, and I'm so thankful I found her! "

Hillary I.  UOIT Calculus I, Whitby



About SMART Academy

The SMART Academy is founded by Mrs. Uma Gnanaharan, OCT, B.Sc. (Major in Mathematics). 
Mrs. Uma Gnanaharan brings a wealth of academic excellence as well as experience.  She teaches MPM1D, MPM2D, MCF3M, MCR3U, MHF4U & MCV4U at Virtual High School Ontario .   She also worked as an online math tutor (grade 9 - 12 including MHF4U & MCV4U) for more than 10 years at TVO ILC Ask A Teacher.


Over the years,  Mrs. Uma Gnanaharan has helped many students improve their study habits,  and test-taking skills. As a result, these students have earned better test scores and grades, and grown in self-esteem and confidence.



Mrs. Gnanaharan is an OCT certified secondary math teacher with degree in mathematics as well as 12 years of teaching experience.  read more

I offer

  • one-on-one regular sessions
  • March Break MATH madness
  • VHS Exam proctor
  • Exam Review
  • Summer Success MATH programs


The SMART Academy provides true

one-on-one MATH tutoring service for elementary, secondary and post secondary students.